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12 Fun Fall Activities in the Bay Area for All Ages

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset
Happy Fall Equinox! Considered a favorite time of year for many, fall brings cooler weather, holidays, changing leaves, and back to school. There are so many events that happen during fall in the bay area to celebrate various things. Although, many festivities people believe to be for certain age groups, our list provides intergenerational activities you can do as a grandparent, grandchild, or companion!


#1: Go To a Pumpkin Patch

a pile of pumpkins

More than just a Halloween tradition for carving pumpkins, pumpkin patches offer various activities such as hayrides, corn mazes, and churros! Don’t buy into thinking that pumpkin patches are only for kids, take this time in your life to enjoy those simple pleasures and feel the magic of fall again!

Here are some pumpkin patches you can visit around the Bay: 
  1. Arata’s Pumpkin Farm: Half Moon Bay
  2. ABC Tree Farms & Pick of the Patch Pumpkins: Los Gatos
  3.  Piedmont Avenue Pumpkin Patch: Oakland

#2: Go Apple Picking

people picking apples

One of the cutest things you can do with your significant other or friends. Apple Picking accurately captures the fall vibe. Spending an hour outside to collect that perfect apple for an apple pie, homemade cider, centerpiece, or snack. This is great for all ages because it is an easy thing to do, where you can take your time walking around and not have to bend over with a bad back and be enjoyed by kids because of the excitement of finding out where their food comes from.

Here are some Apple Picking Farms around the Bay: 

  1. AppleGarden Farm: Tomales
  2. Alemany Farm: San Francisco 
  3. Novakovich Orchards: Saratoga

#3: Harvest Festival

Why not go to a festival that celebrates all things fall?! Harvest festivals are a celebration of the harvest of crops, so you can find good food, drinks, and games to enjoy. These festivals have activities for all elders, adults, and children. Games for the kids, drinks for the adults, and food with a show for everybody.  You can find harvest festivals all around the bay, if you prefer location or festivities. 

You can find all these Harvest festivals and more on eventbrite.com:

  1. Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show: San Jose
  2. Bay View Harvest Festival
  3. Fremont’s Harvest Festival

#4: Run a 5k with a Halloween Costume!

children running in costumes

2019 BGCSF Halloween 5K, presented by Sports Basement is a 5K opened for everybody! You don’t have to be a track runner/athlete to run this 5k, all you need is to want to have a good time. Pick your favorite costume, sign up, and have a fun time being active and festive! Don’t feel like running? No worries, just watching the racers with funny costumes can be enough involvement for everybody!


#5: The Freshtival: a Beer Festival Celebrating The Art of Freshness

 Over 100 beers that are less than seven days old! This occasion is perfect for parents and grandparents night out! “HenHouse Brewing Company is beyond stoked to announce a very special beer festival on October 12th in collaboration with the Bay Area Brewers Guild!” – The Freshtival’s Facebook page.

#6: Go to Thrift Stores and Shop for Some Vintage Sweaters.

 This activity is perfect for those who like a retro look and shopping! Fall can be tokened as sweater weather and thrift stores are a great affordable way to keep warm in the cooling Bay weather. Why not go to a mall you ask? Thrift stores have a way of capturing that warm, nostalgic feeling that fall tends to bring out in everybody. For the older adults, finding something that is reminiscent of childhood or the era you love to remember can be a great time to share stories with your grandkids. One of my grandma’s favorite places to shop are thrift stores and antique shops, she loves them even more when I am with her!


#7: Oktoberfest 2019

Another parents and grandparents’ night out occasion! Drive down to Downtown Brenton to enjoy Weiner dog parade( Yes, you read that right!), drinks, and raffles!  Don’t miss out on this fun filled event, get together a friend group and kickback with a nice cold brew. You can find more information here.


#8: Go to a Record Store to Find the Perfect Playlist for Your Fall Season

Although it’d be easy to just find a playlist on Spotify, going to a record store is a fun activity you can do alone on a quiet Sunday, or with someone you care. Great for intergenerational groups because older generations can share nostalgic experiences with youth about how much record stores meant to them when they were young.  You get to hold and feel the music, take it home to play while you have a pumpkin spice latte and apple cinnamon candle lit. A perfect way to set a cozy fall mood. 

Here are some record stores in the Bay Area, if you did not know they still exist!

  1. Streetlight Records: San Jose
  2. 1-2-3-4 Go! Records: Oakland
  3. Rooky Ricardo’s Records: San Francisco

#9: Bake a Pumpkin Pie

 Probably the most festive thing you can do at home! Pumpkin Pies are a classic dessert during this time of year to have during Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just for fun on the weekends! Don’t know any recipes? We got you covered, here on our Instagram page, under the stories “Visits”, you can find Dorothy, a 101 year old woman’s, World Famous Pumpkin Pie recipe. Take it from us, this recipe is delicious! 


#10: Enjoy the Cooler Weather and Go for a Bike Ride

people riding bikes on a bridge

Spend some time outdoors and enjoy the crisp fall breeze in the bay! Observe the changing leaves, the smiling faces, and take it easy. You’re never too old for a classic bike ride! 


#11: Go to a Haunted house

haunted house banner

It is spooky season after all! Get in the ghostly spirit and experience a scare at one of the numerous haunted houses around the bay. You can dress up or not, film it and put it on Facebook to laugh about it with friends and family, or you can just enjoy the moment and feel like a kid again. These are also great to bring kids too because almost nobody loves Halloween as much as children! 

Here are some haunted houses around the Bay:

  1. Albertson’s Halloween House: San Jose
  2. Fear Overload Scream House: San Leandro
  3. Pirates of Emerson: Pleasanton

#12: Have a Movie Night and Indulge in the Classic Scary Movies! 

 A simple and fun way to spend an evening during the fall, is to stay home all cozied up and watching scary movies. Microwave some popcorn, get out the candy corn, and make a list of your must see films! A perfect night in for all ages to spend time together and share their favorite Halloween movie, old and new!  Some movies I recommend are: The Aadam’s Family, Scream, Hocus Pocus, Beetle Juice, and Halloween!