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The 5 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Grandparents on Grandparent’s Day

A graduate and her grandparents
Grandparents are some of the most special people in our lives. Personally, I love hearing about the memories my mom has about her beloved grandfather. She would tell me that he was the best person she has ever known. Fortunately, I got pretty lucky myself and got blessed with a wonderful grandmother. To show how much we appreciate our grandparents I put together 5 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Grandparents on Grandparents Day!


#1: Take them to Dinner


Taking them to dinner is a simple, yet thoughtful way to celebrate how much you love them. There are two ways I think you can go about this, either taking them to a place they have never been before or a place that may be sentimental to you all. My grandma is a small town girl who has not tried many things, so I took her to a Pho restaurant one year and she loved it! You could even find a place they have never been that is a fun, themed restaurant like the Rainforest Cafe


#2: Write them a Letter 

a framed letter

Writing letters is a lost activity in this new age of technology. There are so many reasons why letters are magical. One, you get to keep it and read over and over again. Text messages and emails can get lost in the clutter and can be hard to find again. Two, it shows you took your time to write it out and thought about it. Third, you can make it creative! When we were kids grandparents loved nothing more than our arts and crafts, this is a chance to relive those sweet moments. If it looks nice enough you could even frame it!


#3: Throw them A Party 


Who doesn’t love a party? You can invite their friends, neighbors, and the whole family! This grandiose idea will be sure to display the gratitude you have for your grandparents. During the party you could play board games, run old fashion movies, and have a dance floor to let everybody show off their moves! To get everybody involved, you can ask the guests to bring their favorite dishes they want to give and share with your grandparents.


#4: Give them a Gift


Gifts are the most traditional tokens to say “thank you”. If you all live busy lives and are only able to spend a little bit of time together, then giving a gift can be a substitute for time. I would suggest aiming for a sentimental gift, rather an expensive product that they may not need. To get some ideas you can check out these 5 gift ideas for your grandparents. One of the ideas is creating a custom puzzle with a photo of the whole family. 


#5: Have a Family Picnic in the Park


As summer is quickly coming to an end there is no better way to enjoy the warm weather, than spending it in the park. Having a BBQ, playing with the grand and/or great-grandchildren, and enjoying some yummy sweets is quality time that every grandparent longs for. I know one thing my grandma wants more than anything is to get all her children and grandchildren together for an event, I am sure she is not the only grandma to want that. So, why not choose Grandparent’s Day to celebrate?


Remember that quality and sentimental time are the best things to incorporate in all these ideas. Grandparent’s Day is the day to let your loved ones know they are loved. I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating!