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5 Gift Ideas to Get Your Grandparents for Grandparent’s Day

Mon Ami Companion and Client knitting scarves
Grandparent’s Day is a day to come together as a family and appreciate all the things that grandparents do. Growing up I loved spending time with my grandma, and if there was one thing she loved more than her farm animals it was her grandchildren. I always want to make sure I get my grandma the perfect gift, so for those of you who are searching for some ideas for your grandparents, this is for you! Here are 5 gift ideas for Grandparent’s Day!


#1: Making a Custom Puzzle of a Picture of You and Them

a custom puzzle



First, this gift is wonderful for two reasons: it is an activity you can do together, and grandparents love having photos with their grandchildren. There are tons of websites where you can download your favorite image, select how many pieces you want the puzzle to be, and have it delivered to you! Here is one example of that type of website. If you want to have a bonus gift to this, add in a picture frame to hang the photo up once the puzzle is completed. 


#2: Tickets to a play or concert 




It does not have to be a Broadway play, look for a local theater where you can take your grandparents for a lovely evening and share an experience together.  I love going to plays with my grandma and feel like we’re going on a special outing. While movies are an oldie but goodie, plays have a special charisma to them where you can get dressed up and make a night out of it. Plus, I am sure your grandparents would appreciate a more intimate form of entertainment in this world of screens. You can even throw in dinner, to really tie up the night nicely.  The gift of spending time together!  


#3: Two Books for a Private Book Club

A woman and girl reading together



May sound complicated, but don’t worry it’s not!   If your grandparent is a big reader, like mine is, then you can’t go wrong with a new book.  However, to make it even more special, pick a book that you’d love to share with your grandparent, and buy two copies: one of them and one for you. The best part of the gift?  The next time they get to see you to discuss the book for your grandparent book club.  


#4: A Custom Piece of Decor

A pillow with personal photos



There are so many things you can customize with a family phrase, photo, or positive message. You can make custom pillows, blankets, or even coffee cups. Do your grandparents have a beloved pet? Put them on a pillow! Have so many grandchildren you can’t fit them in a photo? Check out this blanket where all the names can fit in a shape of a heart! The ideas are endless when it comes to customization for your grandparents. 


#5: Recreate a Moment in Their Lives


black and white photo of a drive in theater



If your grandparents grew up in the 1950s, roll with the nostalgia and recreate a drive-in movie! Portable projectors are available on Amazon, Walmart, and other convenient locations. Hook it up to a laptop, display the screen on a garage or side of a house, bring around the car and relive some happy moments with your grandparents! Additionally, look for movies that were hits during their time: His Girl Friday, Men Prefer Blondes, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Singing in the Rain. Don’t forget the popcorn! Now kick back and relax. 


To say “thank you”, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It is the thought that counts and the quality time is most appreciated. When picking gifts for the older adults in your life, try to think about how it would be useful to them or how it can involve both of you spending time together. Although any day is a great day to be thankful for grandparents, Grandparents Day is a great reason to show just how much you love them.