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Cyber Monday Shopping Tips for Seniors

Man on Computer
The fall season is rolling by quickly and before we know it Thanksgiving will be over and Black Friday will be here. In this new age of technology, there is another form of Black Friday that takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving, called Cyber Monday. This is where online retailers have discounts on their products, just like in stores during Black Friday. Some seniors may feel intimidated by Cyber Monday because online shopping requires knowledge of how to search, buy, and save. However, to skip the stampede of shoppers, long lines, and early hours of Black Friday here is a list of tips for seniors to conquer Cyber Monday in the comfort of their own home.


#1: Make a List of Companies You Want to Shop At

You do not want to just wing Cyber Monday because the internet is such a large place that you can miss out on great deals by all the extra noise! To avoid that, make a list of stores you want to shop at. This will keep you organized and on task, it is very easy to spend more than you want while online shopping because everything is just a click away. Making a list allows you to stay on task and remember what you wanted. 

  • Stores participating in Cyber Monday:
    • Target
      • According to a recent article, you can expect 15% off coupons that only occur on Cyber Monday!
    • Bed, Bath, & Beyond
      • This link takes you to Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s website section labeled “Cyber Monday Deals”.
    • Macy’s
      • Macy’s also has a “Cyber Monday Deals” section on their website, found here. Last year they had great discounts for clothing, makeup, and home decor!

#2: Research the Stores Ahead of Time

A pattern with Cyber Monday is planning ahead. If you are unsure of the companies on your list have online stores, Google them before the day! You don’t want to be disappointed on Cyber Monday by googling your favorite antique shop only to discover they do not have a website! You may have missed Black Friday because of it and wasted precious time when you could have been online shopping for something else. Another reason to look up the store ahead of time is to check if they have discounts and what kind of discounts they will have on Cyber Monday.


#3: Create a Wishlist

Almost every store has a “wishlist” or “favorite” section on their website where you can collect all the items you want in a list to find later. Typically, for you to save your items you have to create an account on the store website, but that usually only requires an email and password. This allows you to take your time while you shop, then you can come back later during Cyber Monday and see all the items on your wishlist with a discounted price! Here are two examples on how to do this:

For Amazon you can create a wishlist by simply click “Add to List”

Amazon wishlist button

On Bath & Body Works’s website they have a “Favorite” list. It is shown by a heart icon, this is very typical for online stores. 

Arrow pointing to the 'favorite list' feature on Bath and Body Works
#4: Read the Reviews

Trusting online shopping comes with time and previous experience with a company. However, no one should be discouraged from such a luxury! If you are feeling uneasy about online shopping, read the reviews of the products you are looking at. This can ease your mind about any worries you may have. Additionally, it can allow you to learn from earlier buyers mistakes. Sometimes buyers make the mistake of not choosing the correct size, color, number, or may not read the fine print on a certain purchase. These mistakes can be found in reviews and they allow you to double check your transaction. 


#5: Shop with Reliable Names

The internet is such a large place and with every wonderful store, a scammer lies behind the corner. To make sure you are putting your credit card, debit card, and PayPal account information through reliable sources, make sure you only shop with stores you know. While internet searching you may find a too-good to be true discount on some beautiful product from a company that you may not heard of, try to avoid those pop up discount Ads. How do you know if a website is reliable? Use your best judgement on the quality of the site. Are there too many advertisements? Not a lot of graphic designs? The prices are incredibly cheap? If you answered yes to any of those, maybe you shouldn’t shop there. 


Online shopping may seem intimidating but it is not a young man’s option, it is for all ages who are ready to conquer it with confidence! Remember, shopping is supposed to fun and carefree!