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Non-Materialistic Holiday Gifts for Your Grandparents

Grandmother and daughter
The holidays may have become an intense race to the presents, but it doesn’t mean we have to forget the true meaning. What it so great about non materialistic gifts is that they can be paired with materials or substituted, they can be saved for the holidays or done every day! Nevertheless, here is an alternative gift list during this festive time of year.  


#1: Sharing Three Favorite Memories You Have with Them

Loved ones should be treasured and appreciated. Letting them know that moments you have had together are memorable to you, speaks volumes that they are loved. To add a special touch, pairing your stories with photographs can enrich the moment greater. 

A woman and a senior cooking together

#2: Cooking a Meal Together

Food brings everybody together. Whether it be sharing recipes, learning something new, or going with a classic favorite dish cooking together is the best. I was speaking with a friend of mine and she shared with me that her earliest memory was going to her grandmother’s house every Sunday and watching her bake Afghan bread. This specific time was the first time her grandmother let her help bake the bread, her grandmother gave her her own piece of dough to roll. She remembers feeling blissful, happy, and at peace. Cooking is bonding. 


#3: Give Them a Phone Call

Not all families live near one another and sometimes a simple phone call can make a relative’s day. Instead of posting a “Happy Holidays!” on their Facebook wall, pick up the phone and catch them up with your current reality and ask them about theirs. My 89 year old Aunt Pat lives in New York, whereas I live in California. Unfortunately, I can not fly out to see her during the holidays, but I make up for it by giving her call every chance I get it. It helps feel connected and let each other know that even with distance we are not alone. 


#4: Tell Them You Love Them

Although actions may speak louder than words, words are still long lasting and impact sentiments. Whether your family says it all the time, or not nearly enough it will never hurt to say those three special words. The holidays are about love, forgiveness, giving, family, and community. Insert the love with the simplest but most meaningful phrase!