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Stress Busters Intermediate Workshop

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Thursday, May 20 3:00PM - 4:00PM PDT


Stress comes in many ways. It’s that uneasy feeling we get when we're upset -- whether it's because we're angry, worried, depressed or disturbed for other reasons. In our ongoing Stress Busters workshops, we have been learning how stress starts and an effective method to reduce stress and help you better respond to any situation in a helpful way, instead of getting upset.

This "Intermediate" Workshop is targeted to people who have taken some of the Intro Stress Busters workshops previously and have familiarity with the five basic steps:  1. Stop, 2. Assess, 3. Decide, 4. Do, 5. Re-evaluate. For a refresher on the steps, visit the Stress Busters Ding Sum website at 

If you haven't participated in Stress Busters workshops before, we invite you to join our monthly Stress Busters Intro Workshops, held the 1st Thursday of the month at 10AM.

Upcoming Stress Buster dates:

  • Introductory Stress Busters Workshop: 10AM - 1st Thursday of month
  • Stress Busters Discussion Group: 3PM -  1st Thursday of the month
  • Intermediate Workshops: 3PM -  3rd Thursday of the month
Speakers - Eileen Chan and Gary Ow are native San Franciscans. Both have volunteered with Stress Busters since the organization was founded over 30 years ago. Eileen is trained as an optometrist and Gary Ow works in computer technology. They are married with three grown children. 

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