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Mon Ami’s Intergenerational Emojis in SF Chronicle

possible designs for intergenerational emoji
Early in 2019, the Unicode Consortium released 230 new emoji, featuring interracial couples; people using wheelchairs; hearing aids; waffles with a pat of butter.  Mon Ami decided to release its own emoji – an icon on the value of intergenerational relationships.

As Joy Zhang writes in the SF Chronicle, “An emoji might be a small thing to some, but it reflects a greater truth — our technological future is owned and operated largely by a select few, leaving swaths of people running to catch up, including our elders. Top Silicon Valley companies have a median employee age of 30 or younger, while the Baby Boomer generation is the fastest growing age group with 10,000 Boomers turning 65 each day. The emoji is just one symbol of who gets a seat at the table, sending a message of who matters, who has value.”

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