Mon Ami inspires creativity for seniors writing a memoir

Memoir writing allows seniors to reflect on pivotal moments in their lives and preserve important family history for the next generation. But, the blank page can be daunting! Mon Ami Companions will ask curious questions to get creative juices flowing, transcribe and record your loved one’s memories, and collaborate on presenting the final product for the whole family. No one has to preserve their memories alone.

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Companions ask great questions to stimulate moving, funny, and interesting memories for preservation

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Companions will work with your loved ones to record, transcribe, and edit their memoir into a beautifully written memento

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Memoir makes an unforgettable gift to grandkids and other family members, opening the door to rich conversations

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Pay $25/hr for life storytelling visits – no hourly minimum!


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Keep track of your progress when you get a photo & description of what you covered after every visit

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