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Companion in Spotlight: Mary from Stanford

Mon Ami Companion and Client

Mon Ami is a diverse network of students, young people, and others who enjoy sharing their time with older adults.  They come to Mon Ami with unique backgrounds and perspectives to share, which we are excited to profile here.  


Meet Mary! 


Mary is a 19 year old Colorado native, studying human biology at Stanford University. After college, she wants to move back to Colorado near the mountains and find a career that allows her to serve others. 

Watch a video about Mary here!

Why She Became a Companion

“Being a companion means connecting with the elderly and lonely people because it reminded me of my grandmother who has Alzheimers. She was huge part of my childhood and upbringing, and I haven’t been able to see her as much since she moved away. Mon Ami was a way to maintain that relationship with a grandmotherly figure. It has been really special!”

Mary with her grandmother in a go kart

What Mon Ami Means to Her

“Mon Ami is about compassion, serving others, and bringing a little spark of joy into a lonely persons day.”

Mary on a hike


What Her Favorite Part of Mon Ami Is

“My favorite part was just having a bond between myself and Doris. I loved seeing her smile!”

Mary and Doris knitting