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Why Intergenerational Connection is so Important for Holiday Cooking

Family at Dinner Table
Gabby is Dorothy’s companion and has been visiting Dorothy for a few months. Wanting to do something exciting for Dorothy, Gabby remembered Dorothy telling her that she had a “World Famous” pumpkin pie recipe, and wanted to bake that pie together! Gabby asked Dorothy’s daughter for the recipe and got the ingredients together. Gabby takes us through the whole recipe, which consisted of pumpkin, spices, sugar, and the secret ingredients oranges! 

Throughout the visit Gabby consistently goes back to hangout with Dorothy. Gabby had great questions for her and we got to learn more about Dorothy! We learned that Dorothy is 101 years old, loves pussycats, and adores her great grandson, who reminds her just like her grandson. It it is easy to see Dorothy’s enjoyment speaking with Gabby and Gabby’s as well!

Food is a gift that can be offered and enjoyed by everyone. Sharing that special recipe with Gabby, Dorothy had created a lovely moment of closeness with one another. Each meal holds with it culture, tradition, and love; hovering with the urge to share it for all to savor.

 The holidays revolve around food, so there is no better way to begin a friendship, continue a bond, or just having some fun than with food! What can bring generations together is the sharing of recipes and other cooking advice. Dorothy shared her pie recipe, you could share a new fresher recipe with her. When two worlds come together, growth occurs with exchange of knowledge.

Mon Ami’s goal is to spread the power of connection for anyone who experiences loneliness, and to make the holiday season full of warmth and company. Gabby is just one example of our companions bringing fun to seniors during the holiday season, which is meant for togetherness and companionship.