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Companion Care for Seniors in Los Altos

Mon Ami visits can be the difference between a good day and a great day. And we’ve made finding a compassionate and engaging companion for your loved one easier than ever.

What is senior companion care?

Mon Ami Senior Companion Care offers 1-1 focused attention to the social and emotional needs of your loved ones. Going for walks, exploring parks and museums, helping set up an iPhone, even driving to the doctor becomes a fun adventure with a Mon Ami Companion by their side.

As an alternative to traditional home care, Mon Ami offers great flexibility in booking. Services in Los Altos cost $25/hr, with no hourly minimum to book. 

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Exploring Los Altos

Explore Los Altos, where you can find inspiration at local art exhibits, learn history at its city museums, and enjoy fresh food at the local farmer's market.

Adventures in Los Altos

  • Photo of the NASA Ames Research Center
  • NASA Ames Research Center
  • Explore the NASA Ames Research Center. You and a companion can view iconic NASA artifacts such as satellites and capsules and purchase unique NASA gifts.
  • Photo of the entrance to Los Altos History Museum
  • Los Altos History Museum
  • Visits to the Los Altos History Museum. Learn about the rich history of the Los Altos area from when it was an agricultural paradise to the tech hub it is today.
  • Photo of the trail and a large tree at Rancho San Antonio
  • Rancho San Antonio
  • Exercise can be fun with visits to Rancho San Antonio. Walks and hikes are a great way to get active while taking in the natural beauty around us.

Local Companions

Many of our activity companions are current students at local universities who have a passion for learning from and bringing joy to seniors.

Los Altos Companion Stories

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After every visit, you’ll receive a photo and details about their time spent together so you can follow along with their experience and stay in the know.

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