Companion Care for Seniors
in San Mateo

What is Companion Care?

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Senior companion care in Palo Alto

Mon Ami Senior Companion Care offers 1-1 focused attention to the social and emotional needs of your loved ones. Going for walks, exploring parks and museums, helping set up an iPhone, even driving to the doctor becomes a fun adventure with a Mon Ami Companion by their side.

As an alternative to traditional home care, Mon Ami offers great flexibility in booking. Services in San Mateo cost $25/hr, with no hourly minimum to book. Check out some examples below of activities for seniors in San Mateo and book with a companion today.

Companion Care Activities in San Mateo

Hillbarn Theater

Visits to the historic Hillbarn Theater are a great way to get out and see a live performance with a companion by your side.

Japanese Tea Garden

Walks through the nearby Japanese Tea Garden are a great way get out and explore nature while learning about the environment of a different region.

Transportation to the doctor

Transportation to the Hillsdale mall or the doctors at San Mateo Medical Center becomes fun with a college student driver. Companions will accompany you to appointments and run errands with you.

Technology help

Tech help from a young person can make big computer problems feel small. Companions are happy to help with photos, smartphones, and any other technology issue you may have.

Crystal Springs Trail

Exercise can be fun with visits to Crystal Springs Trail. Walks and hikes are a great way to get active while taking in the natural beauty around us.

Organizing help

Don’t stress, you can leave the heavy lifting to the young people. Get help from a companion with organizing, cleaning, errands, and more.

Companion Visits in San Mateo

Tyler and Don

“Don and I had an amazing time talking about his past experiences with research on crayfish, the World Series, and his favorite things about Stanford! I look forward to the next visit”

Tyler, Stanford University

Tyler and Don
Stanford University
Santa Clara University
Menlo College
DeAnza College
Foothill College

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