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Where to Go, Who Can Help and How to Get There

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Santa Clara County, at the heart of California’s famous Silicon Valley, is a uniquely senior-friendly region. The county undertook a specific push to become the first U.S. county to have all of its cities designated Age-friendly by the World Health Organization, a status it achieved in 2017. As a result of this effort, eighty percent of Santa Clara’s seniors rate their communities as very good or excellent places to age in.

At the heart of Santa Clara County lies the city of the same name. A combination of California’s sunny, temperate climate, a healthy and engaged elder community, an inviting local economy and a wealth of service offerings come together to make the age-friendliness of Santa Clara a reality. Seniors can access housing and transportation services, enjoy the benefits of caregiving and general support, and enjoy a range of fun activities.


Housing for Seniors in Santa Clara

Santa Clara’s thriving local economy also means a competitive housing market, with the expense of housing being far above the national average, and the biggest contributor to the area’s high cost-of-living. On the other hand, groceries, transportation, and health services are much more in line with average prices in other American centers, and there are plentiful options for housing and financial support.

1. Pacific Gardens

Address: 2384 Pacific Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95051 Website: Phone: (408) 985-5252

Pacific Gardens is an assisted living and memory care facility that also provides respite and short-term care in a quiet residential setting. With 24/7 staff support and licensed nurses on-site, this caring and pleasant community provides three meals daily, transportation to appointments and a full schedule of fun social events.

2. Noor Active Living

Address: 1818 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA, 95050 Website: Phone: (408) 380-4036

Founded by a group of Iranian-American philanthropists to specialize in culturally-competent elder care for their community, Noor Active Living creates a homey, vibrant and caring environment for those who need help and support with aging. The center is developed, run and cared for by an Iranian-American staff, and provides a familiar context of language, religion, culture and cuisine to help residents feel at home.

3. Priya Living

Address: 604 – 2601 Mission St., San Francisco, CA, 94110 Website: Phone: (408) 310-5112

Part of an emerging paradigm of “co-living” communities, Priya Living provides a return to communal, inter-generational models of living that have been commonplace around the world for generations. Here, seniors and their extended families can enjoy life together surrounded by friends, supported by a staff that handles daily necessities and provides a wide range of health and wellness programs, daily fitness classes, social events, a vibrant arts and music calendar and a technological literacy program.

4. Valley Village Retirement Community

Address: 390 N. Winchester Blvd, Santa Clara, CA, 95050 Website: Phone: (408) 520-1996

Valley Village is a nonprofit senior community that enables happy and healthy senior living in an attractive urban oasis environment with fellowship, mental stimulation and a convenient location close to shopping, churches and social resources. It provides modestly-priced and well-established housing with a wide variety of amenities and services including house cleaning, transportation, a social center and community garden, creative writing and book club meetings, and its own dedicated US postal sub-station.

5. California Senior Care

Address: 2454 Alvarado Drive, Santa Clara, CA, 95051 Website: [email protected] Phone: (408) 241-6988

This 6-bedroom facility in the Bay Area provides a home-like assisted living environment and quality care for residents. Among the amenities are home-cooked meals, customized care plans, support for special dietary needs and a schedule of social events.

6. Santa Clara Methodist Retirement Foundation

Address: Liberty Tower, 890 Main Street, Santa Clara, CA, 95050 Website: Phone: 408-243-6226

This Foundation runs two retirement communities in north California, one of which is Liberty Tower in Santa Clara. This is affordable senior housing that was built in 1973, comprised of studio and one-bedroom apartments that provide a welcoming environment for extremely- or moderately-low income seniors and disabled adults. It’s federally funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

7. Covenant Care’s Mission Skilled Nursing & Subacute Center

Address: 410 North Wincester, Santa Clara, CA, 95050 Website: Phone: (408) 248-3736

This facility supports a wide variety of medical care services, administered by a compassionate rehabilitation team with over 15 years of experience. Covenant Care provides individualized treatment programs that combine cutting-edge technology with clinically proven treatment programs, the goal being to improve outcomes, provide clients with the maximum level of independence possible and get them back to home and familiar surroundings at the earliest opportunity.

8. In-Home Supportive Services

Address: 353 West Julian Street, San Jose, CA, 95110 Website: Phone: (408) 792-1600

Administered through the County of Santa Clara’s Social Services Agency and funded at multiple levels of government, In-Home Supportive Services or IHSS is designed to help aged and disabled people remain in their own homes. The IHSS supports the hiring of caregivers to support the activities of daily living, protective supervision, accompaniment to medical appointments and paramedic services. Their site provides guidelines for eligibility and applying.


Transportation Services for Seniors in Santa Clara

It’s important for seniors to have access to affordable, accommodating transportation options. Mobility is one of the biggest factors in quality-of-life, and the ability to reach medical resources quickly can make all the difference in an emergency situation. Fortunately, Santa Clara has a robust public transportation infrastructure that includes light railing and busing, rail, charter buses, shuttles, and ride-sharing. No matter where you need to reach, there is likely a service available that can get you there affordably.

1. Valley Transportation Authority

Website: Phone: (408) 321-2300

The VTA provides the Santa Clara Valley with bus, light rail and paratransit services, as well as acting as a funding partner to the ACE Rail, Caltrain and Capitol Corridor services. The company’s site sports a trip planner and a guide to a wide range of senior services.

2. ACE Rail

Website: Phone: (800) 411-RAIL (7245)

The Altamont Corridor Express rail service runs a two hour-and-twelve-minute route connecting Stockton and San Jose, with ten stops along the way. It provides discounted fares for seniors and a mobile app for schedule tracking.

3. Caltrain

Website: Phone: (800) 660-4287

Caltrain provides commuter rail service to the San Francisco Peninsula, running through the South Bay to San Jose and Gilroy. Abundant amenities are in place for disabled ridership, including access for service animals and 25 wheelchair-accessible stations.

4. Capitol Corridor

Website: Phone: (877) 974-3322

Capitol Corridor rail serves eighteen stops between Auburn and San Jose, and offers substantial seniors discounts.

5. GOGO Charters

Website: Phone: (415) 462-2870

GOGO Charters is a nationwide company that provides minibus, motor coach and charter bus services using four different bus models, all optimized for comfort. Residents in assisted living in the bay area will want to ask their social activities directors about using GOGO as an alternative for getting around to social and sightseeing activities.

6. Outreach Mobility Management

Website: Phone: (408) 678-8585

Outreach is a nonprofit organization that helps to connect caregivers, seniors, veterans and low-income individuals with affordable, practical transp[ortation options. They offer free information and referral services, as well as providing streamlined access to information through their One-Call & One-Click service.

7. RoadRunners Transportation by El Camino Health

Website: Phone: (650) 940-7016

A dedicated team of volunteers runs El Camino Health’s RoadRunners service, providing transportation for seniors to health-related appointments of every sort. Riders don’t need to be affiliated with El Camino Health to take advantage of the service, which is now partnered with the fast-growing ride share company Lyft in order to expand the range and frequency of its services.


Caregiving Resources in Santa Clara

Everyone needs different kinds of support and assistance as they go through the aging process, which is what necessitates the wide variety of caregiving resources and packages available in centers like Santa Clara. These resources run the gamut from in-home support services and respite care to caregiver support groups and nonprofit education and empowerment classes. No matter the level of support you or your loved one might need, you can see below to find resources that can help you address those needs.

1. Thera Care

Website: Phone: (650) 396-2207

Owned and operated by certified Physical Therapists, Thera Care provides compassionate and clinically-effective in-home care for clients seeking to enjoy their elder years in familiar surroundings. Each client is assigned a Nurse Case Manager or a licensed Geriatric Care Manager depending on their level of need, and benefits from the talents of a staff that also includes gerontologists, placement and housing specialists, and trained personal care attendants.

2. Senior Care Connection

Address: 1769 Park Ave #215, San Jose, CA 95126 Website: Phone: (408) 261-2896

Providing in-home care in San Jose and the surrounding area, Senior Care Connection makes it easy to get home care services that help with activities of daily living, grooming and personal care, medication reminders and transportation services. They also provide geriatic support services for family caregivers, offering answers to important questions and help in navigating the best options for addressing any of the numerous different kinds of challenges a caregiver can face.

3. 24-Hour Home Care

Website: Phone: (800) 522-1516

The Santa Clara Office of 24-Hour Home Care has been a leading presence in the non-medical in-home care community for years. The company blends technology and innovation with a personal touch that includes 24/7 access to Signature Specialty Trained staff who can offer memory care (for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia) and compassionate support for patients with other serious diseases.

4. Cancer CAREpoint

Address: 2505 Samaritan Dr., Bldg. 400, Suite 402, San Jose, CA, 95124 Website: Phone: (408) 402-6611

Focused specifically on cancer patients and their loved ones, Cancer CAREpoint provides nutrition, exercise and educational programs for both patients and caregivers. It also hosts support groups for family caregivers, run by professionally-trained social workers who provide families and in-home caregiving networks with the resources they need to aid loved ones while minimizing stress as much as possible.

5. Hearts and Minds Activity Center

Address: 2380 Enborg Lane, San Jose, CA 95128 Website: Phone: (408) 279-7515

Specializing in Alzheimer’s and dementia support, the Hearts and Minds Activity Center is dedicated to enriching the lives of people at all stages of dementia, and provides the only dementia-specific adult daycare program in Santa Clara County. The Center also offers a wide range of caregiver support services, including support groups and mood-boosting walk-and-talk sessions.

6. Family Caregiver Alliance

Address: 101 Montgomery Street, Suite 2150, San Francisco, CA, 94104 Website: Phone: (415) 434-3388

The Family Caregiver Alliance recognizes the challenges inherent in being a caregiver, and provides free and low-cost services to help people cope with both the day-to-day realities and the long-term planning of caregiving efforts. Consultancy, care planning, workshops and classes, fact and tip sheets, support groups and respite care are all available.

7. Sourcewise of Santa Clara

Address: 2115 The Alameda, San Jose, CA, 95126 Website: Phone: (408) 350-3200

It’s the mission of Sourcewise Community Resource Solutions to coordinate support systems and services for adults in Santa Clara. This includes a Care Management Network that provides support for in-home family caregivers that includes counseling, respite care, information, and assistance for caregivers in accessing a wide range of further support services. It also includes the Multipurpose Senior Services Program, which helps eligible clients of 65 years or older to secure in-home care services that allow them to maintain their independence.

8. Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

Address: 2625 Zanker Road Suite 201, San Jose, CA, 95134 Website: Phone: (408) 468-0100

This group of Catholic charities supports and advocates for individuals and families in need in Santa Clara. They provide services that include wellness assessments, nurse check-ups and Adult Day Care, counseling for individuals and families, and meals, housing programs and direct financial assistance to keep people in their homes.

9. AARP Family Caregiving Resources

Website: Phone: (877) 333-5885

The AARP Foundation provides a wide range of supports, benefits and advocacy for member seniors, including health and dental plans, long-term care programs, and much more. Their Family Caregiving Resources include a free caregiving guide, a 24/7 support line, legal and financial advice, a library of personal caregiver stories, tips and features on caregiver life balance and other subjects, and more. AARP’s Caregiver Support Council advocates to “develop and recommend a national caregiving strategy to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and find ways to improve coordination and support across government programs.”


General Support Services for Seniors in Mountain View

“General support” applies to the kind of sources in Santa Clara that address the gaps between–or endeavors more widely-focused than–caregiving and transportation services, housing and financial resources. Where seniors may not need direct help with the major areas discussed above, but they might be able to use help with socializing, or reducing their susceptibility to early stages of dementia, or maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, or coping with a complex medical regiment, senior services that provide general support may help to address those needs.

1. Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center

Address: 710 Lawrence Expy, Santa Clara, CA, 95051 Website: Phone: (408) 851-1000

There are several well-known geriatricians with practices in Santa Clara. Geriatric medicine specializes in the study of common issues in elder medical care, including chronic diseases, nutrition, skin ailments, memory loss, and cognitive impairment, mobility and balance issues, and treating and mediating adverse side-effects from medications. The practitioners listed here are all affiliates of the Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center:

  • Dr. Mark Shimazaki, DO, has been practicing for over a decade.
  • Dr. Marci Teresi, MD, has been in practice for over two decades.
  • Dr. Ann K. Ferris, MD, with over 35 years of experience, is a specialist in Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine.

2. Kaiser Permanente Memory Center

Address: Dept 27, 2nd Floor, 1263 E. Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Website: Phone: (408) 530-6900

The multi-disciplinary Kaiser Permanente Memory Center provides members in Santa Clara with a comprehensive assessment of memory problems and access to the necessary resources to address them. Referrals for a full dementia work-up start with a group session that covers normal age-related changes and causative factors, along with sharing of resources for both patients and caregivers. This is followed up by a one-on-one diagnostic evaluation, review of that session by a Memory Center team that includes a geriatrician, and a follow-up diagnosis and discussion of its implications and next steps. A Dementia Case Manager is introduced to the caregivers and patient if a need has been identified, and they act as an educator, resource guide and psychosocial support partner to assist further care and enhancement of quality of life.

3. Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California & Northern Nevada

Website: Phone: (800) 272-3900

The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary organization championing Alzheimer’s care and research. Its Northern California and Northern Nevada branch provides free dementia screening, abundant resources on how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life after diagnosis, provides events and support groups, and offers connections to further resources.

4. Heart of the Valley

Website: Phone: (408) 241-1571

This all-volunteer nonprofit is dedicated to providing a wide range of supports for local seniors, including pet care, light yard work, handyman assistance, paperwork, help with house project, shopping, errands, computer assistance, door-to-door transportation, and friendly visitation. Heart of Valley goes the extra: volunteers will not only come to clients’ homes and take them shopping but will also help carry their bags to the kitchen. The organization also helps with disaster preparedness and home safety inspections.

5. The Arthritis Foundation of Northern California

Website: Phone: (844) 571-HELP (Toll-free)

The Arthritis Foundation works nationally to champion arthritis research and seeks to provide families with a “winning course” to deal with arthritis from day to day. The Foundation offers a wide array of resource guides, tips and tricks for living with arthritis, and can help clients deal with the medical industry and combat claim denials.

6. Santa Clara Senior Center

Address: City of Santa Clara, 1500 Warburton Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050 Website: Phone: (408) 615-3170

The Santa Clara Senior Center provides a safe and welcoming environment for seniors of ages 50 and over, offering facilities and classes, programs and services designed to enrich the lives of older adults. Their services include a wide range of classes and activities, along with fun and senior-friendly excursions.

7. Bay Area Geriatric Care Managers

Website: Phone: (650) 654-1510

Bay Area GCM provides comprehensive assessments and customized care packages that focus on the individual needs of clients. The staff specializes in care for those with memory impairment, ranging from mild cognitive deficits to late-stage dementia and Alzheimer’s Syndrome. They provide care planning, housing support, family coaching, counseling and psychotherapy, and concierge assistance that includes managing appointments, meals, travel, medicine, and financial arrangements.

8. Clark Consulting & Associates, LLC

Address: 325 Sharon Park Dr. Suite 408, Menlo Park, CA 94025 Website: Phone: (650) 879-9030

Clark Consulting takes a holistic, client-centered approach to geriatric care management for residents of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. The firm’s integrated care model provides assistance with hiring in-home care or finding facility placements, medical advocacy, and a range of other services.

9. Department of Aging & Adult Services, SSA of Santa Clara County

Address: 333 W. Julian Street, San Jose, CA 95110 Website: Phone: (408) 755-7600

The DAAS, an initiative of the county’s Social Services Agency, is charged with evaluating community needs, developing programs and services to meet them, and advising on policy matters concerning seniors. Among its direct service, the Department provides quality nutrition and in-home services for seniors, dependent adults and the disabled.

10. Institute on Aging

Address: 2033 Gateway Place, 5th Floor, Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95110 Website: Phone: (408) 474-0680

Institutes on Aging are a nationwide initiative focused on preserving the dignity, independence, and quality of life of older adults and people with disabilities. Among the many services accessible through Santa Clara’s IOA are personalized home care plans supported by certified clinicians and licensed, bonded and insured caregivers (on call 24/7).


Activities for Seniors in Santa Clara

There is no shortage of stimulating culture, entertainment options, and outdoor recreational activities in and around Santa Clara. No matter what seniors’ interests are, there’s sure to be an activity within easy reach that they’ll enjoy. This kind of community connection and social engagement–accessible through the various transportation aids and supports noted earlier–can be a potent antidote to isolation and a force for better mental and physical health. A few of the possibilities on offer are listed below.

1. The Triton Museum of Art

Address: 1505 Warburton Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050 Website: Phone: (408) 247-2438

The Triton Museum of Art has been a community destination for over five decades, providing an outlet for the work of local artists and an opportunity to display their talents alongside regional and national artists. The Museum is a collector and exhibitor of contemporary and historical artworks, emphasizing the artists of the Greater Bay Area.

2. Intel Museum

Address: 2200 Mission College Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95054-1549 Website: Phone: (408) 765-8080

The Intel Museum provides a unique vantage point on the world-changing history of innovation that comprises the story of Silicone Valley. Providing guided tours and field trip programs, it offers a look at the incredible manufacturing process that goes into the legendary Intel microchip, along with a guide to major milestones in the development of the digital technologies that define our age.

3. Levi’s Stadium

Address: 4900 Marie P. DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA, 95054 Website: Phone: (408) 673-2100

Home of the 49ers and the recent site of Superbowl 50, this iconic sporting venue also rents out space for community events of all kinds and is a must-visit for the sports enthusiast. Other features include an art collection that celebrates the legendary history of the 49ers, a museum, and a Bourbon Pub & Steak House.

4. Alviso Marina County Park

Address: 1195 Hope St San Jose, CA 95002 Website: Phone: (408) 262-6980

This twenty-acre bayside park is a gateway to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Compact and yet full of great activities to pursue, its pathways and boardwalks afford amazing views of the countryside and opportunities to observe the diverse wildlife that resides here.

5. Historic Mission Santa Clara

Address: 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053 Website: Phone: (408) 554-4000

This consecrated Roman Catholic church lies on the campus of Santa Clara University. first established in 1777 by Franciscans, it passed over to the Jesuits in 1851; through them it became associated with Santa Clara College, California’s first institution of higher learning. The Mission has stood at the heart of the camps’ religious life, carrying out Roman Catholic liturgy and spiritual observances.

6. Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club

Address: 5155 Stars and Stripes Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 Website: Phone: (408) 980-9515

Ideal for the golfing enthusiast, this club features a par 72 championship course with four tee boxes, designed by famous golf architect Robert Muir Graves. The property’s amenities include a lighted and covered driving range, putting and chipping practice areas, 7 lighted tennis courts, and on-site instruction by pros from the PGA and LGPA tours.

7. Art & Wine Festival

Address: Central Park, 969 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara CA 95051 Website: Phone: (408) 615-3140

Featuring over 170 booths, international foods served up by over 25 community groups, wines poured by professional vintners, micro-brewed beer and live entertainment, the annual Art & Wine Festival is one of many vibrant events that take place in Santa Clara’s Central Park. It not only provides a fun diversion for the over fifty thousand people who will visit the Festival in a given year, but also raises hundreds of thousand dollars for local charities.


Companion Services for Seniors in Santa Clara

With so many offerings to consider, seniors may be a little intimidated by the options the Bay Area has. Whether you want to get out and enjoy music, history and art or learn more about navigating the internet so you can find the resources you need, you don’t have to go it alone. Companions from Mon Ami can help you navigate any of the above resources or join you for an enjoyable afternoon at a museum or concert.

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