How is Mon Ami different?

We know the pain of human services databases. They're rigid, unfriendly to users, and extremely impersonal—a dumping ground for excel spreadsheets and hundreds of person-hours. And most agencies don’t just have a single system to wrestle with—each funding stream is tied to its own database, meaning 7, 8, even 12 different systems to navigate.

So why would we build another one?

We didn’t. Mon Ami is so much more than a database— it’s an operating system designed specifically for Aging & Disability agencies to make everything from case management to telephone reassurance 10x easier through automation, integrations, and thoughtful design. And when it comes time to report back into one of those databases, you can do it with just a few clicks.

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Who’s it for?

Built for and in partnership with AAAs, SUAs, and CBOs.

We have partnered with dozens of Aging & Disability service providers across the country to make software that reflects how you work, rather than taking a generic database and shoehorning it into your day-to-day.

  • Area Agencies on Aging
  • State Units on Aging
  • ADRCs
  • State Medicaid offices
  • Health plans
  • Community-based organizations (Meals on Wheels, AmeriCorps Seniors, nonprofits, etc)
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Case management

Intuitive case management tools means serving more clients, better.

Mon Ami’s HIPAA-compliant case management system is built on that universal foundation while remaining flexible and configurable to your unique process.

  • Unlimited client records
  • Integrated intake
  • Digital assessment tools
  • Integrated phone system
  • Automated time-tracking
  • Provider & client portals to view and sign care plans
  • Digital signature
  • Billing & audit management
Integrated volunteer services

See staff, volunteer, and senior center touchpoints, all in one place.

The beauty of Aging & Disability Services is that they don't provide a single point of contact for each client: they are a family of offerings, from case management to meal delivery, options counseling to friendly calls. Your agencies wrapped around your clients before it was cool. But never before have you had the ability to see all the richness of those interactions in one place. With Mon Ami, volunteers and service providers have their own app to be able to receive a subset of client information and share back updates about how the client is doing in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

  • Friendly calling phone system
  • Volunteer matching system
  • Publicize opportunities to serve
  • Track meal delivery
  • Timely volunteer feedback
  • Automated time-tracking
Events management

Host virtual and in-person events on your website.

Mon Ami’s system handles all coordination for both in-person and virtual events in one beautiful calendar.

  • Public events calendar
  • In-page sign-up
  • Seamless attendance tracking
  • Automated confirmation emails for attendees
  • Track instructor hours
  • Handle reschedule & cancelation
Insights & reporting

Unlock the power of data in your decision-making.

A technology system is only as useful as the insights it offers. Once case management, volunteer service, and events are managed in Mon Ami, reporting is a byproduct of work already being done. You can automatically generate reports by demographic, zip code, language, outcome… anything you dream, you can see in data.

  • Beautiful graphics and dashboards
  • Instant data download
  • Fully custom reports
  • Export for state, county, or grant reporting
  • Integrations with external API
Federated system

Seamlessly roll-up activities across your network.

When multiple entities in a network utilize Mon Ami, whether they are Area Agencies on Aging in the same state or non-profits in a Community Integrated Health Network, the system enables federation. Services roll up uniformly, enabling consistent reporting and performance tracking across otherwise independent entities.

  • State Unit on Aging management
  • OAAPS and NAPIS reporting
  • Integration with healthcare referrals
  • Client de-duplication across a network
  • State Medicaid management tools

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