Dear Aging & Disability Service Providers,

You are on the frontlines of our caregiving crisis. We make software just for you because, honestly, it’s the least we can do.

Monami Team

How is Mon Ami different?

We know the pain of human services databases. They're rigid, unfriendly to users, and extremely impersonal—a dumping ground for excel spreadsheets and hundreds of person-hours. And most agencies don’t just have a single system to wrestle with—each funding stream is tied to its own database, meaning 7, 8, even 12 different systems to navigate.

So why would we build another one?

We didn’t. Mon Ami is so much more than a database— it’s an operating system designed specifically for Aging & Disability agencies to make everything from case management to telephone reassurance 10x easier through automation, integrations, and thoughtful design. And when it comes time to report back into one of those databases, you can do it with just a few clicks.

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Our founding team

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Madeline has been a respite companion to dozens of families caring for aging and disabled loved ones. Before founding Mon Ami, she ran marketing and analytics for Google in Asia. She has a BA in Education from Columbia and an MBA from Stanford.

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An old soul, Joy started volunteering in hospice and dementia care in high school. Before founding Mon Ami, she worked for the World Health Organization on their Aging team in Japan. She has a BA in Human Biology and an MBA from Stanford.

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Steve lost his mom to Alzheimer’s in 2012. Before founding Mon Ami, he co-founded, helping families like his find the support they need for their aging loved ones. He has a mathematics degree from the University of Michigan.

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Join a movement with a meaning

We’re actively building stronger communities through our services and our company culture reflects that. If you have a passion for people, an inquisitive nature, and an inherent drive to bring joy to seniors, we want to talk.

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