Our Beliefs

A loving embrace, an inspirational story, an instant connection or a smile shared. These are the moments that make life worth living.

At Mon Ami, we believe in fostering these connections and enabling shared experiences.

We challenge the assumption that old is obsolete and that young is immature by bringing together communities, generations, perspectives and personalities to not just extend lives, but to enrich them.

After all, what is life without good company?

Our Founders


Madeline learned the startup life when she opened offices for the digital marketing agency, Essence, in Singapore and Tokyo. Before that, she studied Education and Creative Writing at Columbia and, later, got her MBA from Stanford.


An old soul, Joy worked on Healthcare grants for the Skoll Foundation and for the World Health Organization on their Aging team in Japan. She has a BA in Human Biology and an MBA from Stanford.


Steve co-founded Caring.com, helping families find the care they need. Before that, he was the first technical executive at BabyCenter. He has a mathematics degree from the University of Michigan.