Partner Perspectives - Caring Connections: Impacting lives with a phone call

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Council on Aging of Central Oregon launched Caring Connections, a program designed to combat social isolation and loneliness. Through the Caring Connections program, volunteers provide companionship and social contact to older adults through weekly phone calls. Here's what the Council on Aging of Central Oregon team had to say regarding their experience with Mon Ami -

"Council on Aging of Central Oregon partnered with Mon Ami at the start of our new program, Caring Connections, to help connect clients with volunteers. Mon Ami has helped us facilitate and manage the connections between our clients and volunteers. And just as important, Mon Ami has helped Council on Aging track vital data that is used to measure the impact of, and help grow, our program. Our program would not be the success that it is without Mon Ami!"