Partner Perspectives - Building the Openhouse Food Program Using Mon Ami

Openhouse's partnership with Mon Ami began at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In response to the unprecedented need faced by older adults, Openhouse and other San Francisco-based organizations partnered with Mon Ami to scale and manage essential volunteer services at a time when demand for those services was at an all time high. Through its partnership with Mon Ami, Openhouse has effectively managed and grown their Food Support Program, ensuring that the older adults they serve have the food and other essentials they need to live. Just listen to Kevin O'Neal, Openhouse's Food Support Coordinator, describe his experience with Mon Ami:

"Mon Ami has been a lifesaver for managing our food programs. Our organization offers an online cooking class which requires a weekly delivery of ingredients. Through Mon Ami, our volunteer drivers who make the deliveries are easily reminded of their shifts and are able to submit a recap of their experience, right from their phones! Additionally, our organization operates a weekly home delivered grocery program through our local food bank. Keeping track of the volunteers required for this effort is a heavy lift. But not with Mon Ami! Our packing team and drivers can easily stay up to date on their shifts using the app or website. More importantly, our volunteer coordinator and I can efficiently manage the program, staying updated on which volunteers will be working, thanks to the magic of Mon Ami!"
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