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Great question. We’ve created a separate page that discusses the benefits that an Activity Companion (or senior companion / elderly companion / companion) can bring an aging loved one and family caregiver.
Read all about it here.

Why book an Activity Companion for my loved one?

What activities can I expect from an Activity Companion?

Mon Ami activity companions are focused on bringing your loved one joy, connection, and friendship. Companions play games, go on walks, sing, dance, paint, read, and help with memoir-writing.  After each visit, companions will report back about their experience with your loved one. 

Mon Ami students are NOT home care workers or home health aides and do not assist with activities of daily living (e.g. bathing, using the restroom, dressing), nor do they provide healthcare services.

Where does a Mon Ami Activity Companion visit my loved one?

Companions will come to your loved one in-home! They are expected to provide their own transportation, though are not expected to transport your loved one during their visits.

How often can a Mon Ami Activity Companion visit my loved one?

The visit schedule is tailored to fit your and your loved one’s needs as well as the companion’s schedule. On average, companions visit loved ones two times per week for 2-3 hours each visit.

Do I need to be present during Mon Ami visits?

Mon Ami strongly recommends that someone close to your loved one is present for the first visit(s), to introduce your loved one and the companion. After that, companions do not expect you to be immediately present during their visit with your loved one. However, depending on your loved one’s needs, we may ask that a trusted person be on premises during visits.

Will my loved one have the same Mon Ami Activity Companion every week?

Mon Ami aspires to continuity. Each person is unique, and companions want to get to know your loved one’s preferences, quirks, and moods to give them the best possible experience.

There may be times when your primary Mon Ami companion will experience changes in their schedule (e.g. weddings or summer vacations). In these cases, we recommend working with your Mon Ami companion on our online platform to find another trusted companion -- often they can recommend one of their friends!

How much should I expect to pay for a Mon Ami Activity Companion?

Visits are $25/hour, the majority of which goes to the Mon Ami companion. Mon Ami sets that rate to attract the best possible students and hold them accountable to high-quality interactions with your loved one.  Payment is only accepted through the Mon Ami platform.

People living with a socially isolating condition, including dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, autism, cancer, other disabilities (including children and young adults), or a home-bound elderly senior. If you believe your loved one could benefit from a visit from an Activity Companion, contact us:

Who would benefit from an Activity Companion?

Do Mon Ami Activity Companions visit children or young adults?

Absolutely. Some of our families have children with disabilities and would like a buddy to visit for socialization. If you believe your loved one could benefit from a visit from an Activity Companion, contact us:

Where does Mon Ami currently operate?

We are currently serving families and accepting Activity Companions in the San Francisco Bay Area, California:

  • San Francisco

  • Berkeley

  • San Jose

  • The Peninsula - Palo Alto, Mountain View, Redwood City, San Mateo and surrounding areas

If you are interested in seeing Mon Ami services in your area, send us an email at