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Companion Diaries: Nissma & Lorraine

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picture of Nissma and Lorraine

Lorraine and I met just a couple months ago, but I feel like I’ve known her my whole life. The two of us quickly hit it off, chatting about everything from astrology to boys to what life is all about. She even let me borrow one of her astrology books, so I can learn more about the subject.

Lorraine’s kindness and joie de vivre are infectious, her smile instantly brightens the room. My favorite part is seeing her face light up when I come over to say hi each Sunday.

During our visits we often spend time catching up with each other then playing a game or two of scrabble. Lorraine’s knowledge of words is extensive and she often puts down larger words in scrabble- although, we never keep score since neither of us knows how to! Our time together flies by; it feels more like five minutes than two hours. Visiting Lorraine has immediately become something I look forward to every week!