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Companion in Spotlight: Akua from Stanford

Scenic picture of Akua

Mon Ami is a diverse network of students, young people, and others who enjoy sharing their time with older adults.  They come to Mon Ami with unique backgrounds and perspectives to share, which we are excited to profile here.  

 Watch a video about Akua here!

Meet Akua! 

Akua with her family
Akua is a 22 year old recent graduate from Stanford University. She is originally from Bristow, Virginia and her family is from Ghana. In college she studied human biology and has plans for medical school. A fun fact about her is that she loves pottery and has apprenticed with traditional pottery makers in Ghana.  

What Mon Ami Means to Her

Mon Ami Companion Akua in Stanford's Main Quad

“Mon Ami means a lot to me. I think it is so special to have this opportunity to spend time with older adults, in this time of my life where I am going through a transition. I have recently graduated from college and so many relationships and aspects of my life have changed. I do not think there is a blueprint for me to follow to better understand how I might navigate this period of my life, but getting to just sit back and spend time with an older adult who has been through it and who can provide some of that wisdom, feedback, and joy – I think that is so special. Just as much joy as I bring into their life, they bring into mine. I really hope that more people, students, those in the community can experience this too.” 

What Her Favorite Part of Mon Ami Is

Akua with a senior

“Companionship can look so different from person to person, customer to customer, companion to companion. I think because we’re all so different and have so many different stories to tell and experiences to share, that is what makes it so special.”