Case Management Software

The only case management software designed exclusively for aging and disability services

What we offer

Aging & Disability Case Management is unique. Unlike Family & Child Services or HUD & Homelessness, the expectation with Aging & Disability is that you will stick with a client and their family for a long time, maybe a decade or more. You need to track the activities of many different providers and be prepared to audit the hours they deliver. You need to navigate the complex dynamics of families, support systems, and healthcare. Mon Ami’s HIPAA-compliant case management system is built on that universal foundation while remaining flexible and configurable to your unique process.

Features for case managers and administrators

  • HIPAA-compliant client tracking 
  • Paperless enrollment and intake 
  • Digitized assessments and risk scores 
  • Build care plans and service plans 
  • Multiple roles and permissions 
  • Reporting 
  • And more...

Benefits for modern case management

Go paperless

Cloud-based software allows case managers to take their work on the go and share info across the agency

Seamless change tracking

Create and modify care plans, with robust change tracking for audit protection

Robust reporting

Structured data within case notes and logs capture all interactions for more accurate reporting

What our clients say

With Mon Ami, for the first time in my almost 30 years working in social services, I feel like we are finally moving in a direction that will benefit our agencies and significantly decrease, not increase, the paperwork and administrative burden and put more time and money back into direct service delivery.
Carrie S, AAA Exec Dir, Utah

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