Evidence-Based Programs

Seamlessly integrate registration, attendance, and outcome-tracking

Events & Outcomes, together

The backbone of every evidence-based program is the tracking of enrollment, attendance, and corresponding outcomes post-intervention. In an increasingly virtual world, you also want a system that can flexibly shift from Zoom to in-person support. Mon Ami’s innovative platform allows you to set up and manage every aspect of these programs effortlessly. We give you the ability to focus on what’s really important - making an impact in your communities. 


  • Host the public calendar on your website
  • Participants can register themselves
  • Quickly create events and classes
  • User-friendly interface for admins and attendees
  • Automate reminders, confirmations, and follow-ups with attendees
  • Capture client eSignatures for waivers and consent forms
  • Generate printable real-time reports for workshops 
  • DPRP and ACL complaint data collection

Here's How 

Create Classes + Events

Automatically notify clients and volunteers and enable hands-off registration and sign-up with none of the logistical hassle of other platforms

Manage, Report, & Compile

Easily retrieve data on attendance, participant information, and qualitative surveys of participants on an individual-level with the click of a button

Measure Community Impact

With clean data at your fingertips, you can analyze your program’s performance and can truly quantify your impact on the community

What our clients say 

"These are some of the smiling faces of people using the Mon Ami system to connect. It has saved us hundreds of hours of time in coordination, meaning we got to host more programs! Thank you for helping us serve our community better."
Donna B, Events Manager, San Francisco

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