Integrated Volunteer Services

See and manage all the richness of volunteer interactions with clients in one place

What we offer

The beauty of Aging & Disability Services is that they don't provide a single point of contact for each client: they are a family of offerings, from case management to meal delivery, options counseling to friendly calls. Your agencies wrapped around your clients before it was cool. But never before have you had the ability to see all the richness of those interactions in one place. With Mon Ami, volunteers and service providers have their own app to be able to receive a subset of client information and share back updates about how the client is doing in a HIPAA-compliant manner. 

Our integrated system supports

  • Friendly calling phone system
  • Volunteer matching system
  • Publicize opportunities to serve
  • Track meal delivery
  • Timely volunteer feedback
  • Automated time-tracking

Benefits of our integration

Communicate seamlessly

Mon Ami's Volunteer Management software integrates with email, phone, and text. Keep your interactions centralized and fill volunteer needs quickly.

Share safely

Volunteers need to see a subset of client info, but not the full census that case managers and other staff have access to. Our platform safely shares only what a volunteer needs to know.

Track automatically

No need to log services or chase volunteers to fill in their hours. As an integrated operating system, Mon Ami automatically tracks volunteer time from the first connection.

What our clients say

“Mon Ami has been a lifesaver for managing our food programs. Our organization operates a weekly home delivered grocery program through our local food bank. Through Mon Ami, our volunteer drivers who make the deliveries are easily reminded of their shifts and are able to submit a recap of their experience, right from their phones!”
Kevin O'Neal, Food Support Coordinator, San Francisco

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