How to Conduct Evaluations For Loneliness and Social Isolation Interventions

Webinar: Evaluating the Impact of Social Isolation Programs
There is a growing body of literature that shows how volunteer calling programs impact participants' loneliness, depression, and anxiety measures. As a result, telephone reassurance programs are expected to only grow in importance as a tool to address social isolation and loneliness, especially among older adults.

Whether you have an existing telephone reassurance service or are thinking of starting one, this webinar dives into the methods for tracking and assessing your program's progress as well as demonstrating your program's impact to funders, partners, and other stakeholders. Evaluating programs lays the groundwork for growth, transparency, and efficiency - all necessary for increasingly common healthcare partnerships, grant applications, and more.

This webinar was coordinated by Mon Ami, featuring the insightful commentary from Denise LaBuda and Cassie Mcguire of the Council on Aging of Central Oregon. They share how they partnered with local research institute, Oregon Health and Science University, to evaluate its "Caring Connections" friendly caller program.  

View the webinar slides here

For a more in-depth look at evaluating your social isolation and loneliness interventions, take a look at this whitepaper.