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Mon Ami Companion App User Guide

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Need help figuring out how to use the Mon Ami app? Please review the below FAQ for answers to common questions we receive from volunteers. 

I expressed interest in a visit. How will I know when it is confirmed?

You’ll receive an email as soon a visit has been confirmed. You’ll also receive an email if a visit you expressed interest in was unable to be confirmed. If you have not received either of those emails, the visit is still pending.

You can also view your confirmed visits in the Mon Ami app. From the app’s menu, tap “Manage Visits,” then select “Upcoming” to view your confirmed visits.

I had my first errand run with a senior! How do I book additional errand runs or phone calls with that senior?

Open the Mon Ami app. From the menu, tap “Book Visit,” then select the person or organization you would like to schedule a visit with from the “Select person being visited” field. You’ll then be prompted to select the “Visit type,” as well as the date, time and frequency of the visit.

I bought groceries for someone during an errand run using my own money. How do I submit my receipt for reimbursement?

In order to be reimbursed for items you purchased on someone else’s behalf, you need to submit your visit story for the errand run. From the menu of the Mon Ami app, select “Manage Visits,” then “Completed.” You’ll see a list of your completed visits. Select “Submit Visit Story” for the errand run you need to be reimbursed for. Upload a photo of your receipt, enter a brief recap of the errand and the total spent, then tap “Complete Visit Story.” After submitting your visit story, you’ll be reimbursed via PayPal within 1-2 business days.

I need to cancel or reschedule an errand run. How do I do that?

If it is your first visit with a person or organization, you can’t cancel or reschedule the visit via the Mon Ami app. Please contact the Mon Ami support team at support@monami.io to cancel or reschedule the visit, and please also get in touch with the person or organization you are scheduled to assist.

If it is not your first visit with a person or organization, open the Mon Ami app and from the app’s menu select “Manage Visits,” then “Upcoming.” Select “View Details” for the visit you’d like to cancel or reschedule, and then select “Cancel” or “Reschedule” (as applicable).

How can I change the distance I am willing to travel?

Right now, you’ll need to contact Mon Ami’s support team to adjust the distance you are willing to travel. Please send an email to support@monami.io with your request and we will update your volunteer profile.

How can I change the language(s) I speak?

Right now, you’ll need to contact Mon Ami’s support team to make any changes to the language(s) you speak. Please send an email to support@monami.io with your request and we will update your volunteer profile.

When should I expect to receive a background check request?

Volunteers assisting with errand runs or volunteer shifts will be sent a background check to complete via Checkr as soon as their first visit has been confirmed.

How do I modify my notification settings?

Volunteers utilizing the Mon Ami platform can choose to receive notifications about new opportunities via email or push notification. If you prefer push notifications, please make sure you’ve updated the settings on your mobile device to allow notifications from the Mon Ami app. If enabled on your mobile device, Mon Ami will send you push notifications about new opportunities and reminders about the start time for your confirmed visits.

If push notifications are disabled for the Mon Ami app on your mobile device, you will instead receive emails informing you of new opportunities. All other notifications regarding visits (confirmations, visit story submissions, cancellations, etc.) will be sent via email, regardless of whether you’ve enabled push notifications.

I have an errand run or call coming up. Do you have a guide or tips that I can follow?

Before a phone call or errand run, please review our Tips for a Successful Call or Volunteer Guidelines for Errand Runs.