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Mon Ami Volunteer App User Guide

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Updated March 16, 2021

Mon Ami’s software is used by governments and nonprofits to provide services to seniors across the country. If you work with an organization utilizing Mon Ami’s platform, you can access the Mon Ami app to learn about volunteer opportunities and to track your volunteer hours. You’ll be able to submit visit recaps, and reimbursements are also processed through Mon Ami’s platform. 
If you don’t have an approved volunteer account with an organization utilizing Mon Ami’s platform, you will not be able to sign in to the Mon Ami app.
Need help figuring out how to use the Mon Ami app? Please review the below FAQ for answers to common questions we receive from volunteers. 
I can’t login. How do I reset my password?
On the login page of the app, there is a “Reset Password” button. It will prompt you to enter the email address you used to register, and you will receive an email shortly with instructions on how to reset your password.
Do I have to use my phone to access the app? Can I use my computer instead?
You do not need to download the app on your phone in order to be eligible for volunteer opportunities. You can access the web-version of the app at (https://companion.monami.io/login). Please note that you will not be able to enable push-notifications if you only use the web-version of the app.
How can I view my upcoming visits?
You can view your confirmed visits in the Mon Ami app. From the app’s menu, tap “Manage Visits,” then select “Upcoming” to view your confirmed visits. Pending visits will appear under the “Tentative” tab of “Manage Visits.” 
I had my first visit with my match! How do I book an additional visit with that person?
Open the Mon Ami app. From the menu, tap “Book Visit,” then select the person or organization you would like to schedule a visit with from the “Select person being visited” field. You’ll then be prompted to select the “Visit type,” as well as the date, time and frequency of the visit.
I need to cancel or reschedule an errand run. How do I do that?
If it is your first visit with a person or organization, you can’t cancel or reschedule the visit via the Mon Ami app. Please contact the organization you work with in order to cancel or reschedule your first visit. 
If it is not your first visit with a person or organization, open the Mon Ami app and from the app’s menu select “Manage Visits,” then “Upcoming.” Select “View Details” for the visit you’d like to cancel or reschedule, and then select “Cancel” or “Reschedule” (as applicable).
I just completed a visit. How do I submit a recap to the organization I work with?
Open the Mon Ami app. From the menu, tap “Manage Visits.” 
If the visit was booked as a flexible visit (it only has a date by which the visit should be completed by), go to “Upcoming” and submit the visit recap. You’ll be able to specify when the visit actually occurred. If you do not fill out the visit recap for the flexible visit, the visit will only reflect the date by which the visit should have been completed by, instead of the date of the visit. 
If the visit was a regular visit, go to “Completed” and select “Submit Visit Recap.” You’ll be prompted to enter a brief recap of the visit that will be sent to the organization. 
How do I modify my notification settings?
Volunteers utilizing the Mon Ami platform can choose to receive notifications about new opportunities via email or push notification. If you prefer push notifications, please make sure you’ve updated the settings on your mobile device to allow notifications from the Mon Ami app. If enabled on your mobile device, Mon Ami will send you push notifications about new opportunities and reminders about the start time for your confirmed visits. To enable the notifications, go to the “Settings” 
If push notifications are disabled for the Mon Ami app on your mobile device, you will instead receive emails informing you of new opportunities. All other notifications regarding visits (confirmations, visit story submissions, cancellations, etc.) will be sent via email, regardless of whether you’ve enabled push notifications.
How do I change my availability? 
Open the Mon Ami app and go to “Settings.” You can add days and modify your availability. You also have the option to set yourself on “auto-book,” where we’ll automatically book you on visits that match your schedule.