Using Data for More Effective Volunteer Programs

Webinar Recap 
Volunteer programs that serve older adults in the community are likely already collecting data, but it can be overwhelming to organize and analyze spreadsheets to answer important operational or reporting questions. This webinar is geared towards volunteer coordinators and program managers that want a better understanding of their volunteer efforts.  

Covering everything from asking the right questions to efficiently collecting and tracking data, maximizing operational benefits, and informing long term decision-making, Rachel Bell covers all of the best practices and insider tips on all things data. Whether you are just starting your program or have a well established set of services, this webinar may be helpful to you.

Topics that we discussed: 

  • Basics on using data effectively for volunteer programs 
  • Important data points for volunteer coordinators to track 
  • How to use basic Google Sheet/Excel formulas and charts 
  • Operational benefits of tracking volunteer program data 
  • Using data to inform volunteer management decisions

This webinar was coordinated by Rachel Bell MPH, a Customer Success Manager on our team at Mon Ami.

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