Booking an Activity Companion for the first time?

For families and caregivers, the decision to bring in a companion to spend time with their loved ones for the first time can be a daunting decision.

Here at Mon Ami, we strongly believe Activity Companions can bring positive enrichment to your loved ones’ lives. Our Mon Ami Families that have booked our Activity Companions have shared with us numerous positive experiences.
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Read below on the benefits of an Activity Companion (or a senior companion, elderly companion, or companion) can bring to your family, and see the bottom of this page for links to external research and studies.



  • There is vast research and studies behind the risks of social isolation and loneliness for the elderly

  • New studies show quality of life can dramatically improve with social interaction for those suffering from dementia

  • Activity Companions are the perfect way to bring engagement and socialization because they are there for just one purpose: to spend time with your love ones


  • Many studies show the importance of keeping the brain and senses stimulated at an older age

  • Cognitive exercises (brain stimulation) can help improve working memory and executive functioning

  • New experiences, such as exercise or listening to music, can also create sensations in the brain

  • Activity Companions can play puzzles, word games, work on art, etc. with your loved ones, providing brain mental stimulation

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  • Research shows a happier life can outweigh “good genes” to help us live longer

  • Bringing in emotional support from the outside can provide some respite to families and caregivers

  • Activity Companions provide the opportunity to bring in joy, fun and happiness to an aging loved one

For further reading on published research and studies, visit the following: