Mon Ami Offers Personalized Technology Help for Seniors

Technology is fun with our smart, fun and helpful college student companions. They’re native technologists who love helping others. Whether sorting out an iPhone or troubleshooting a printer, our companions make technology easy for seniors every day.

Help with smartphones

Learn how to use your smartphone so you can communicate with your loved ones

Help downloading apps

Download apps and play online games on your computer or tablet with the help of a companion

Help with Smart TV

Get assistance setting up your smart TV so you can watch DVDs and connect to the internet

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How it works Step 1

Call (650) 691 – 5796 or fill out our interest form for a free consultation. Get matched to a companion who makes technology a breeze!


How it works Step 2

Pay $25/hr for senior technology help – no hourly minimum!


How it works Step 3

Keep track of your progress when you get a photo & description of what you covered after every visit

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